Our team has been flying heavy lifter cinema drones since 2012.  We’ve always strived to be pioneers from the beginning.  Drones were not available to purchase back at the start.  This is why we had to build our own custom heavy lifter drones.  Since then, the evolution of drones has been simply amazing.  With each passing year, the advancement of drones enables our team to provide our clients more creative freedom and professional efficiency.

alta X

We have flown over 10,000+ flights since our start back in 2012.  It's amazing to see how far drone technology has advanced and continues to improve year after year.

We're currently flying Freefly Systems' Alta X airframes.  Our drones remain efficient and dependable while working in tangent with our eco system.  These keeps our team dialed and allows us to work with various camera movement tools on the same day.


  • Flight times:  12-14 min

  • Airframe Diameter: 7.5 ft

  • Max Payload: 35 lbs

  • Max Speed: 65 mph

  • Setup time: 30 minutes

It's very common for productions to use our drones in addition to our other camera movement gear on the same day.  Having our team operate both pieces of gear, this keeps our work flow consistent and production costs down.

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