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VidMuze Cinema has been providing drone aerial video in Asheville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Wilmington and other locations throughout the USA since 2012. 


Our Chief Pilot, Mike Gentilini, Jr, comes from the Film and TV industry as a camera operator.  Shooting drone video in Asheville, in his home town, has always been great to capture the Blue Ridge Mountains in a cinematic way.


The VidMuze team began to grow as additional crew members were added.  Flying large cinema drones takes a team of two, a pilot and a camera operator (gimbal op).  VidMuze Cinema has several camera operators.  To name a few, Ryan Atkins and James Suttles.  

Ryan has been with VidMuze Cinema since the beginning.  Camera operating is his passion.  James Suttles has been a DP in the feature industry for over 15 years.  Shooting aerial videos is part of the fun James enjoys about filmmaking.

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