Moto crane Ultra

A lot of our team members have been in the Film and TV industries for over 12 years.  This experience enables our team to be dialed on knowing how to execute cinematic and dynamic shots.

Over these years we have been able to learn various types of camera movement.  We know what works and what doesn’t work.

ULTRA handles off-road, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures with ease.

The new arm design features adjustable passive 3-axis nose dampening to isolate the head and camera package for buttery-smooth, rock-solid image stabilization.

IP66 rated. Rain and dust proof.

Constructed of 7075 and 6061-T6 aluminum for the highest strength

to weight ratio of any compact arm.

The Moto Crane isolators have adjustable passive 3 axis dampening to remove bumps and vibrations from the head and the camera package for butter smooth and solid image stabilization. 

The entire ULTRA system is set up with a single 10mm hex key. By minimizing and standardizing joints, ULTRA takes less than 30 minutes to set up and has fewer points of failure. The ULTRA Base is rigged using 4x TÜV Certified 2” clamps, so grips can safely use familiar materials. Whether setting up temporarily or integrating into a permanent tracking vehicle build, ULTRA is built to safely handle aggressive use.

Beyond high speeds and sharp corners, ULTRA is built for difficult terrain and harsh environments. Each module is IP65 rated and constructed of 7075 and 6061 aluminum alloy for the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any universal remote arm.

ULTRA is the first 12’ remote arm in the world to fly as checked baggage…With the available 5-Piece, ULTRA Flight Case set, each module is neatly tucked into a durable SKB Case, with custom foams to protect each module during rough transport. Each flight case weighs less than 100lbs/45kg for compliance with TSA oversize baggage regulations.

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