VidMuze Cinema has been providing camera movement for Film and TV for over 7 years.  We provide Motocrane Ultra in Charlotte, Atlanta, Savannah, New Orleans, Wilmington and more nationwide.  

Most of our work consists of car to car action sequences, including Virginia International Raceway, Carolina Motor Speedway.

We always enjoy using Motocrane Ultra in Charlotte, where the car commercial industry runs strong.  Using the Motocrane Ultra in Atlanta for feature films is another part of the industry for us.

We're a strong believer in using the industry standard gear.  The Motocrane Ultra is essentially a "Russian Arm," in that we can create very dynamic shots from our process vehicle.

The Motocrane Ultra has a 12ft boom, and allows us to mount up to a 55lbs camera platform.  We use Freefly Systems MoVI XL and MoVI Pro gimbals.

Space is another priority we have for our clients.  Our Dodge Ram 1500 Mega Cab process vehicle is what will provide the director and DP comfort all day.  With plenty of leg room, climate controlled, operating the Motocrane Ultra from our process vehicle is a pleasure.

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