Our Porsche Cayenne Twin Turbo is built for speed on and off road.  Our Porsche is a great option for Motocrane when needing high speeds along with comfort.

Our Porsche has been outfitted to hold 5x crew members allowing for a complete filming crew to ride along to ensure efficiency.


  • Top Speed: 115 mph

  • Payload w/ Remote Head: 65 lbs

  • Remote Head: MoVI XL

  • 7 sec 360º Swing

  • 3 Sec 90º deg Lift

  • Operating Temp: MIN: -30ºF/ -34ºC, MAX: 110ºF/ 43ºC

  • Motor Torque: Tilt axis, 1050ft-lbs peak torque, Swing axis 420ft-lbs peak torque

  • Passive Arm Dampening: 14" Z-Axis, 45º Pitch and Roll Dampening (Adjustable dampening)

  • Weather Rating: Water Resistant (IP65)