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FRX Pro - Signal Booster - Freefly Systems

We've always been a fan of Freefly System's camera movement gear over the years. Their build quality is very durable and robust.

One very challenging aspect when on set with any wireless gear is RF (Radio Frequency). For years, any MoVI controller had a limited range of about 650 ft LOS (line of sight). This obviously is a limitation in most situations, especially in our drone world. Well, Freefly made a solution that would fix just about all of our RF issues with the MoVI controller.

They designed and built the FRX Pro. This module works in tandem with Freefly's MoVI Controller and MoVI Pro, MoVI XL and MoVI Carbon gimbals. The system works on a 900 Mhz RF signal and has a solid range up to 5,000 ft LOS.

From our extensive testing, the signal is extremely stable and can transmit through and around many structures, making this a "must have," when on set.

You can check out the device in more detail on Freefly's website here.


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