Virginia International Raceway

Here at VidMuze Cinema, LLC, we've had the privilege to film at Virginia International Raceway many times.  This raceway has been the most cinematic to shoot.  With all of its color, eloquent turns and rolling hills, every shot is cinematic.


We enjoy filming with our Motocrane Ultra camera car and cinematic drones.  With VIR's wide track, it gives us the room to capture what we need from a cinematographer's perspective. 


Our team has been flying drones professionally since 2013, and nothing brings us more joy than to fly at VIR.  We a lot of positive feedback at how cinematic our footage is.  We achieve these shots by flying low while using long lenses.  This creates the compressed and parallax footage you're used to seeing in Hollywood films.

We film for some of the largest production companies including Disney, Sony Pictures, Amazon Prime, Marvel and more.  We're passionate about our trade.  Creating cinematic art through camera movement is what we were born to do.

We also film for some of the largest car manufactures including, BMW, Audi, Honda, Nissan, Porsche and Volvo.

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