A MōVI Operator for ground operations is typically essential on set.  This camera movement is more precise, intimate, while providing repeatability on shots.


We provide the tools needed to mount an array of different cinema cameras, along with various lens configurations. For us, it’s simple to mount small camera rigs as light as 3 lbs. and cinema cameras with heavy anamorphic lenses that total as much as 15 lbs.


The MoVI Pro can weigh well over 20 lbs once rigged with a heavy camera package. We use the Ready Rig which removes 98% of the weight from the operator’s arms, and puts the weight on their hips. This ensures longer run times, less down time for resting.



The MoVI Pro is powered by 2x 6S 22.2 volt batteries that provide rock solid motor strength and stability when working the MoVI at high speeds with a light or heavy camera payload. Along with this power comes the ability to power camera long with other accessories, giving us more fluidity with our gimbal builds.


Our MoVI Pro has been modified with tilt offsets which allow us to mount heavy anamorphic lenses, matte boxes and other accessories to our camera rigs without having balancing issues. The tilt offsets prevent us from needing to install counterweights onto the gimbal, which enables our payloads to be lighter, giving us more air time on our drones.


We integrate 3 channel FIZ, focus, iris and zoom. This provides full lens control which provides the production more creativity and production value. We use Redrock SLS and Torque motors. These motors provide us the power needed to move light and heavy lenses.

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