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Camera Movement Specialists



The Black Arm allows us to mount various gimbals onto any moving vehicle including cars, trucks, atvs, boats, etc. The Black Arm removes the unwanted vertical movement when shooting from a moving platform.



MōVI Operators are common on most film sets. This camera movement provides more precision and intimate shots. With this control, we can provide the director more cinematic and artistic abilities.



Our custom built Drone lighting rig is one of a kind. Our system features a 9 light array, capable of producing 126,000 lumens of illumination. Fully pan-able and tilt-able, we can aim this light where we need it.



We have been in the Film and TV industries for over 18 years. This experience enables our team to be dialed on knowing how to execute cinematic and dynamic shots with our Moto Crane Ultra.



The Freefly System ALTA drone is the latest in professional aerial cinema. The ALTA allows us to lift a whole array of cameras, including Hollywood cinema cameras such as the Red Weapon and Alexa Mini.



The FlyLine cable cam allows us to connect a cable in between two points. This allows us to move the camera close to obstacles while at various speeds. Repeatability is the cable cam’s strong point.

VidMuze Cinema bridges the world of cinematography with the ground breaking technology that dynamic camera movement requires.
The tools we use include Motocrane Ultra (russian arm pursuit vehicle), cinema drones (Red & Arri cameras), car mounts including black arm, cable cam and MoVI Pro gimbals with operators.
We're a camera movement specialists company providing specialized gear and crew to the Film/TV industries.



Meet The Team

Mike Gentilini, Jr.

 DP, Camera Op & Chief Pilot

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Mike is the founder and owner of VidMuze Cinema.


He started pairing his passion for camera movement with the technology of drones, and since then he has expanded to specializing in an array of many types of camera movement tools.


Mike’s filmmaking experience and eye for cinematography keeps his team in sync, maximizing efficiency and producing the best possible cinematic shots.

Ryan Atkins

Camera Op & 1st AC

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Ryan has been with VidMuze Cinema since the beginning, getting to know drones from the ground up as a Safety Officer before transitioning to the team’s primary Gimbal Operator.


For Moto Crane Ultra, cable cam and car mount work, he puts his years of feature and commercial focus pulling experience to use as the 1st AC. Ryan and Mike benefit from the communication and synchronization of nearly a decade of working together.

Jayson Barber

Driver & Grip

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Jayson brings two skillsets to the table, driver and grip.

Jayson has been in the Film industry for over 12 years perfecting his craft.

He provides VidMuze his precision driving abilities when we're operating Moto Crane Ultra and Black Arm.

Jayson's gripping ability gives our team the efficiency we need to provide production additional time when on set.