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7 Days Till Midnight - Behind the Scenes

A good friend of mine, James Suttles wanted to shoot a feature in March 2016. And he wanted to film it in the beautiful state park, Dupont, NC.

This was a shorter feature, lasting only 18 days. I was cam op and was able to bring some of my camera movement tools to the mix.

I will say, this feature was the most fun. It was a small crew, we got along with everyone. Working together to bring a feature together in such a beautiful location was the best.

Ryan was 1st AC we kept our camera team well dialed. We used Freefly's beloved MoVI M10 gimbal. This gimbal was great back in the day, but running only on 4S, it lacked power. But it got the job done.

Ryan was rocking Cinegears for FIZ. It was a single channel remote FIZ for focus only.

We then used Freefly's Alta 6 for our drone platform. It's max payload was only 15 lbs. It struggled to carry the Red Epic, but worked well enough.

It was such a privledge to fly in Dupont with all of the amazing waterfalls and terrain.

It was always a challenge to get our gear up a mountain, but looking back on it, it was so worth it.

Waking up to mornings like these is what it's all about in the film industry, for me. Looking back, I miss it already.

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