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Z370R Electric Mower - John Deere

Orlando, Florida, became the picturesque backdrop for EP+CO’s latest project - filming a captivating commercial for John Deere. We, (VidMuze), were brought in for our camera movement abilities. Drones, cinebike, arm car and hard mounts. This multi-day production was a blast!

Our team was involved in shooting a variety of shots, while using our innovative camera movement techniques, highlighting John Deere's “electric” mowers.

Utilizing advanced technology, our MoVI Pro gimbal has the backbone to this production. One of our team’s goals is to maximize efficiency when on set. We were able to build the cinema camera out on the MoVI Pro and switch between camera movement platforms.

It’s always a great time working with EP+CO’s director and DP, Seth Hunt. Seth allows us to bring our camera movement ideas to the table and then we execute the collaborative shot as a team. Just like clock work!

It was a real treat to see John Deere’s electric mowers in action. No more fuel, no more oil, no more nasty mower smells, no more load mower engines. Just the quiet sound of blades spinning on the Z370R electric motors, which provided the sweet aroma of freshly cut grass!

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