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Our custom built LED lighting rig is one of a kind.  This system features a 9 light array which is capable of producing 126,000 lumens of illumination.

One of the main attractions to this LED rig, is the fact that the light can be flown on our heavy lifter Alta 8 drone.  Not only can we fly this system, but the light source is stabilized since it’s been custom fitted into our MōVI M15 gimbal.

So the light is stable, plus we can pan and tilt the light source.  Lots of creative freedom there.

Since this rig is mounted on our MōVI Pro, it can also be mounted on our Moto Crane UltraCable cam and Black arm systems.




Our LED lighting rig can be powered on for up to 9 minutes at a time.

Our LED rigs are 126,000 lumens. The color temperature is set to 6000 K, but we can gel these lights to your desired color temperature.

We have an on board camera locked to the LED rig’s perspective which allows us to track talent/subjects during the flight.


We can remotely trigger the LED light rig on and off. This is perfect for generating “on screen” effects.

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