Our custom Saleen Mustang race car/camera car brings everything you'll need to film at the track.  Speed, extreme steering and ultimate handling are all linked together.

Our 650 HP camera car brings Ford performance to a new cinema level.  Our Saleen is outfitted with our Motocrane Ultra, along with our MoVI XL head.  We also provide black arm for more excessive speeds or even hard mounted cameras for maximum speeds.

Our Saleen has been outfitted to hold 5x crew members allowing for a complete filming crew to ride along to ensure efficiency when getting the job done!


  • Top Speed: 115 mph

  • Payload w/ Remote Head: 65 lbs

  • Remote Head: MoVI XL

  • 7 sec 360º Swing

  • 3 Sec 90º deg Lift

  • Operating Temp: MIN: -30ºF/ -34ºC, MAX: 110ºF/ 43ºC

  • Motor Torque: Tilt axis, 1050ft-lbs peak torque, Swing axis 420ft-lbs peak torque

  • Passive Arm Dampening: 14" Z-Axis, 45º Pitch and Roll Dampening (Adjustable dampening)

  • Weather Rating: Water Resistant (IP65)